Peut-on vraiment laver sa couette ?

Can you really wash your duvet?

The washable duvet, myth or reality?

Don't ask yourself any more questions, Hiboo gives you the keys to easy maintenance for your duvet! From airing to drying, here are some practical tips to keep the quality of your duvet as good as the first day.


No need to become a duvet freak! Washing once or twice a year at 40°C maximum is more than enough. Higher temperatures can damage the natural filling of the duvet. 40 degrees is enough to kill bacteria and mites.


Opt for tumble drying on a delicate program to maintain the volume and softness of your duvet. For optimal results, add two or three tennis balls to the drum of your dryer.

If you don't have a dryer or prefer an alternative, dry cleaning is still effective for your duvet.

Before reusing your duvet, especially Hiboo duvets filled with natural materials, make sure the filling is completely dry.

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Apart from washing, it is important to air your room regularly and shake out your duvet. This tip helps eliminate accumulated moisture and prevents the formation of unpleasant odors.

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