La couette légère : 3 bonnes raisons de la choisir

The lightweight duvet: 3 good reasons to choose it

When the nights get warmer, it's essential to have the perfect duvet to keep you at the ideal temperature. At Hiboo we have created a lightweight duvet especially for summer nights, providing freshness and comfort for pleasant hours of sleep.

Three reasons to fall for the Hiboo lightweight duvet:

  • Its filling is 100% natural
  • The Hiboo lightweight duvet is filled with an all-natural filling, composed of 70% down and 30% feathers from traced and ethical Belgian sources. Our commitment to animal welfare ensures that down is collected responsibly. Down and feathers provide cozy, breathable comfort all year round.

  • It has the ideal weight for optimal comfort
  • With an ideal weight of 160gr/m2, the Hiboo lightweight duvet offers a perfect balance between lightness and warmth. This light weight allows the comforter to provide lofty, plush comfort, without weighing you down while you sleep. In addition, this lightness makes the duvet easier to maintain. It's warm enough for cool nights, but also breathable for warmer nights.

  • It is handmade in Belgium

  • The lightweight duvet is lovingly handmade in Belgium. This artisanal manufacturing process ensures careful attention to detail and superior quality.

    The Hiboo lightweight duvet is available in three different sizes:

    • 240x220cm
    • 260x240cm
    • 140x200cm

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