Le pouvoir des couleurs : comment choisir la palette parfaite pour une chambre reposante

The power of color: how to choose the perfect palette for a relaxing bedroom

The colors of our environment can impact our mood and quality of sleep. Choosing the perfect shades for your bedroom will transform your space into a calming sanctuary for restful sleep. Let's find out how to choose the ideal color palette for a relaxing bedroom.

Soothing Shades:

We advise you to opt for soothing shades for the bedroom such as blue, pale green or lavender , known for creating a relaxing atmosphere. The calming shades will help reduce stress and anxiety in your sleeping area. And we say yes to sleep better! Recommended for large surfaces to paint in your room.

Warm and Comforting Colors:

According to the philosophy of Feng Shui, earth tones like beige, taupe, and sand evoke permanence and durability. These colors create a comforting, cocooning atmosphere. Whether used as decorative touches or on an entire wall, they will create a cozy atmosphere that immerses you in the arms of Morpheus. Think about it if you are thinking of redecorating your room! The little extra? Add texture with lime paint for example. Comforting effect guaranteed.

Avoid Energizing Colors:

Warm, peppy shades are known for their stimulating appearance, which can accelerate the heart rate. They are anything but calming. So, reds or oranges are nice, but not for the bedroom.

Test before painting:

Before embarking on a Valérie Damidot-style makeover, take the time to test a few color samples. This will save you from regrets! Additionally, testing the color in your room will allow you to see if it adapts well to natural light.

Choose the color of your bed:

And for the bed, what color should you choose? To avoid decorative missteps, Hiboo offers you the possibility of ordering your color samples for free. This way, you can test your favorite fabric shades at home, especially on your bed. A simple method to check that the color of your bed matches your decoration perfectly.

Our favorite combinations

Our best-selling bed colors and the colors that go best with them.

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At Hiboo, we understand the importance of every detail to create a sleep space perfectly suited to your needs...

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